Press Release: Announcing Medical Marijuana Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA–December 15th–Medical Marijuana Pennsylvania (MMP) has launched as a website to connect patients eligible for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania with doctors licensed to certify them to receive it and the dispensaries that distribute it. The website is and is founded by Drexel University Alumni Joseph Brady and Mont Cessna. Medical marijuana became legal in Pennsylvania after Act 16 was signed into law on April 16th, 2016.

MMP co-founder Mont Cessna said, “We all know someone who would benefit from medical marijuana. It is a shame more states have not legalized it for medical use. I am looking forward to working with the doctors, dispensaries and growers who will get medical marijuana into the hands of patients in the months ahead. Hopefully we can help a lot of people…veterans especially. Medical marijuana is approved in Pennsylvania to treat both pain and PTSD so veterans should really benefit and not have to take as many opioids and start down that path.”

While no dispensaries are open yet, the MMP website offers a patient’s guide to medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and a way to search for doctors near them that can certify them now for when the medical marijuana actually becomes available. The website also publishes news and opinion on medical marijuana. Once the dispensaries in Pennsylvania start to open, the MMP website will list them.

MMP co-founder Joseph Brady said, “We’re working on getting all the doctors’ most up-to-date information into the system and also the dispensary information too. This way people will be able to easily find what they need, be able to setup an appointment and then get their medical marijuana at the doctor and dispensary best for them and their needs. The website is still a work in progress but we already have a ton of information up.”

For press inquiries, contact Mont Cessna or Joseph Brady at [email protected].